Best out of 8 Sporty Swimsuits

Best out of 8 Sporty Swimsuits

Something a little different from me this time….If you follow me over on Instagram, then you’ll know all about my mission to keep up my fitness and maintain our healthy family ethos. Luckily the boys are equally into improving their health and fitness ( if not more) and both on a personal challenge, so its much easier now we’re all singing from the same song sheet.

This isn’t something new for me though, I’m 2 years into this new way of going at life and I’m pretty sure its here to stay. One thing which I’ve always loved though is swimming, granted I’ve not gone as regularly over the years as I’d like, but I’m back on it, just need the right tools for the job now.

Tools? I hear you mutter, Surely you just need a swimming pool & cossie? True. Plus a towel, (that one really helps, I learnt the hard way last week that jumping up and down doesn’t get you dry when you turn up at the pool without one.) Goggles are also a must and, just a decent swimming costume does help to no end. I can’t imagine anything worse that perfecting your over arm while wearing a thong, what goes on at Love Island, should stay at Love Island. And it seems I’m not the only one who thinks this (more on that here)

If you’re wondering what the difference is then look at it this way; there are beach swimsuits, water park swimsuits, bodding around in the pool with your kids swimsuits and the I’m-being-serious-and-going-to-notch-up-some-lengths swimsuits to help you glide through the water, without the worry of anything falling down.

Here’s my pick of the bunch for every style and budget


Adidas Adizero


Arena Powerskin

Arena Powerskin

Speedo Fastskin

Speedo Endurance

Speedo LZR Racer

Tyr Fusion

Finis Fuse

Tyr Thresher


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