Another Star Wars Fan in the Making. Living Arrows

Another Star Wars Fan in the Making. Living Arrows

This Star Wars toy has been knocking around for years.  I think it’s called a Star Speeder 1000, but I’m too ashamed to ask after 20 years of living with a Star Wars fan and raising 2 mini fans, I should know, but don’t.

It’s been the Toddler’s favourite toy for some time now, especially once he learnt to push the buttons. Prior to which we used it to pacify him when he was upset getting ready after his bath. It’s pretty much spent the last 18 months on my bedroom cabinet and doesn’t  look like it’ll be leaving any time soon.

People asked me, while pregnant with my third son, if I’d like a little girl this time. Either way, I knew they’d have to be Star Wars fan, with a spoonful of Batman and a side ordering of Spiderman, if they were ever going to want a serious conversation with their dad!


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