An Update On My Adult Ceramic Braces

An Update On My Adult Ceramic Braces

I’m 9 months in to my teeth straightening treatment and have had quite a few messages and people asking me how it’s going so I thought it was time for another update (If you missed the last ones they’re here Only Gone & Got Braces Fitted! and Getting My Teeth Straightened)

First off …the transformation has been amazing, I can’t believe how quickly they started moving. I’m just about getting use to the bottom set which went on 6 weeks ago, they’re very different to wearing a top set  as food tends to hide in every crevice. I’ve just retrived 2 strands of cress from my lunch time sandwich, not great if you’re talking to someone and haven’t done a pre-greenery check before hand. I rely heavily on the honesty of friends and family to warn me!  If you’re wondering how I clean them then check out Liza Prideaux’s video on cleaning your braces, I pretty much have the same routine.

I’m not having a whinge, It’s been worth it and not once have I regretted getting my teeth straightened.  Things which are totally off the menu for now are curry and anything else with turmeric in, the yellow is like a magnet to the small bands around each bracket. I also avoid red wine, strong coffee and tomato soup.

Chewy foods are a no no too, sweets, toffees, pizza crusts and anything else which you have to chew. I also struggle to bite into anything too hard or chewy as my bite is out, at the moment there’s quite a gap between my top and bottom teeth so I have to bite food using my side teeth.

The bottom braces are helping to align everything and I’m on night time elastics which look like small loom bands, to pull the canines back and free up some space on my fronts so they’re not protruding too much. I’ve had a little stripping (filing) done too to level out the gaps between my front teeth as I had little black triangles appearing which looked like I had food hiding there!

I’m longing for a glass of red and prawn curry washed down with some apple strudel, but as the saying goes; good things come to those who wait and man it will taste so good!

The last 6 weeks have not gone without any hiccups ups though, I managed to loose couple of the bands on the lower set and needed a emergency dental appointment to get new ones fitted as the wire came away completely. I’ve also had quite a few ulcers mainly where the brackets are fitted on the back teeth which have been pressing on the inside of my cheeks while I slept. Nothing a few blobs of wax haven’t eased.

If you’re thinking of getting adult braces fitted and Devon / Dorset based I can thoroughly recommend The Exeter Dental Centre where I’m receiving my treatment and if you’d like to read the whole journey (which is now complete!) click on the images below.

(Here’s the full journey, which is now complete!)

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