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Am I passing on my bad driving habits to my son?

Am I passing on my bad driving habits to my son?

Jordi is learning to drive, MY BABY is learning to drive. My precious little bundle of blondeness, the very chap who crawled into my bed every morning for cuddles (anytime after 1 am counts as a morning in this instance) the smiley chatty, inquisitive Thomas The Tank Engine obsessive is now king of the road with L plates.

And do you know what a terrifying thought that actually is?

I’ve saved for this day for years, 17 to be exact. Having not passed my driving test until my early thirties, I was hell-bent on making sure my kiddos didn’t leave it too late like me. But parents of non-17-year-olds, this moment is bittersweet. Think watching your child take their first wobbly bike ride, only now the bike is a car and there’s a whole lot more at stake than a grazed knee if they don’t get it right.

Oh and the other thing you have to take into consideration here is that once your teenager hits these rocky hormone riddled years, there are many, many circumstances when they think they know better than you, I remember being the same at 17, yup, karma, I hear ya. <yawn> So picture the scene, and while you’re at it, have a little pity party for me, because apparently, as the video below would have it, I’m a bit of a nag when it comes to teaching my boy to drive. And luckily, for him, that ‘what does mother know’ ideology may actually be the saving grace here, as my bad driving habits hopefully aren’t being passed on to my son.

Obviously, I think I’m an amazing driver. It’s taken a while though. For years I would happily drive extra miles and minutes to avoid a motorway, but not any more. I set my self a personal mission to get over my fear of slip roads and did it with gumption. All I’ve got left to fine tune now is my epic ability to get lost on any journey beyond of Exeter and East Devon. (again, proof is all there in the video. Sat Nav’s hate me, it’s official.)

So what are my bad habits?

Do I let the wheel run through run back through my fingers?

Am I a middle lane motorway hogger?

Or do I curse at every holidaymaker who drives down the middle of the country road into my village? (maybe just a little under my breath, and out loud on a Sunday)

And worse still, am I passing these traits on to my son?

Ageas wanted to put this to the test. So sent out three experienced drivers – Myself, Nigel  DIY Daddy   and Jo from slummy single mummy onto the streets of Cardiff, alongside their learner driver children.

What we didn’t realise was that the person sat in the back of the car was not a member of the production crew, as we’d sort of been told but in fact, qualified driving instructor Nicole Fox. She was scrutinising our driving advice and road savvy, as much as our kids’ skills behind the wheel.

Watch the video and then read what us ‘experienced’ drivers think of our own performance . (You can also find some helpful tips  to pass to your children once they pass their test.)


This is a collaborative post with Ageas 


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