Accessorising your home in Blue and Copper With House Of Fraser

Accessorising your home in Blue and Copper With House Of Fraser

I thought I’d nailed it and finally made a decision on how I was going to decorate our front room. After much deliberation and Pinterest surfing I’d settled on a theme, it was going to be subtle and simple and not too different from what we had, but I’d found it. And then it happened. I fell head over heels for a completely different one.

I’d booked a high tea for mum and I in a newly refurbished hotel in Sidmouth, and the moment we walked through reception I could feel my heart racing for the new and crisp decor. Followed quickly by panic as I new my once loved theme was now a distant memory, there’s no loyalty in my taste. flippant, easily influenced and what ever word means disloyal can pretty much sum me up.

The restaurant was bright, fresh and bursts of muted blues and copper infused throughout. I was in love. I got home that evening and scoured the internet for ways I could bring these colours into my newly decorated living room. With a subtle grey back drop there was room for an accessory or two.

Scrolling through the cushions on The House of Fraser website, I set about creating a mood board of everything I could buy to bring my family home bang up to date. The muted blues bring a calm almost nautical feeling, perfect for my seaside home and the shots of rust and copper warm up the scheme giving it a modern touch.

My favourite item has to be the Dickens and Jones bookends, which tie in perfectly with the orange hue of the wood while the copper candlesticks would sit prominently on my wooden mantel with my silver gilt mirror as the back drop.

Cushions are always the easier way to refresh a room and I prefer to have a mixture of different patterns and shades using two accent colours to contrast the main. Our cushions serve many functions as well as the obvious one of supporting your back while you sit. Pillow fights being the main, much to my annoyance.

I’m just hoping that this blue and copper theme’s a keeper, my plan is to avoid attending any more high teas in any newly refurbished hotels.

That shouldn’t be too much of a problem, I hope.

A mood board of inspiration for decorating your home in a blue and copper themes

1 – Linea Rust cushion

2- Plantation Rug co

3- Joules Moss Stitch cushion

4- Casa Couture copper hammered metal vase

5- Dickens and Jones wooden bird bookends

6- Linea Regal 1LT glass ceiling pendant

7- Harriet Hare applique cushion

8- Linea gallery 6 piece photo frame set

9- Linea leaf design cushion


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