A Random Act Of Kindness – Is It You?

A Random Act Of Kindness – Is It You?

Lets just say, for argument’s sake, that I had to choose a person who deserved some flowers, a random act of kindness, just because.

That’s actually a lot harder than you’d imagine.

I have so many people who I’d like to say thank you to, there’s the friends who’s little catch ups give me a little skip in my step, I doubt they’ve even noticed that they’ve made my day a little brighter, but they do.

Or the family who make me feel like I’m the luckiest lady alive just to have them in my life. Through laughter and tears we smile and put the world to rights with the same sense of humour only we really understand. I adore them all, I can’t just pick one.

Then there’s the bloggers who I network with and who’s support and who’s camaraderie have got me to where I am today. Life’s just A-MA-ZING right now and just the odd like, comment and share here and there from a familiar name in a mass of 1000’s has helped get me to where I am today. Bloggers, you rock and only the fields of Amsterdam could help me say thank you to you all.

But the rules are I can pick only one.

But I can’t pick one because there’s two who need to know how thankful I am for everything they do.

You see there’s this one person who makes my chaotic life a little easier, the one person who helps me no matter what, even when I don’t ask. The one very person who puts my needs before her very own, because that’s what mum’s do, only she probably doesn’t realise I notice. But I do, every time only most of the time I’m too busy being busy to stop and say thanks.

So here it is, thanks mum, I know you’ve got my back and you’re the reason I’m flying right now, so with the help of Tesco asking me to choose a deserving person I’m sending these beautiful stocks your way.

But wait, there were two, and that second person is the lady who I owe so much to, who is the reason I am writing this very post right now and who is possibly one of the funniest most inspiring ladies I know. Mrs Conquers and Bonkers this Rainbow Alstroemeria bouquet is for you.

random act of kindness, who would you send flowers too?


Thanks Tesco for making this possible!


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