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Muddy Puddles PuddleStomper Wellies | A Review

Muddy Puddles PuddleStomper Wellies | A Review

Toddlers got some band new shoes!

Ok when I mean shoes, I actually mean wellies and this week we took a step into the world of toddler welly obsession. There’s something incredibly cute about seeing a little one stomping around in their best puddle jumpers whether they compliment the outfit or not. (My gorgeous niece demonstrated this perfectly recently by spending the day in black wellies and a full pink spotty swimsuit!)

My boy’s been walking a while now but recently he’s been more eager to get out and explore when we’re out on our daily dog walk. Come rain or shine, we can always be found putting in the miles for our Miles4MAMMA challenge and my inquisitive little one is a real outdoorsy boy luckily.

Toddlers got some brand new wellies, some Muddy Puddles PuddleStomper wellies! there's a little bit of welliy love going on here right now.

I can’t quite put my finger on why these have caught his eye but when the Muddy Puddles PuddleStomper wellies arrived and I placed them on his feet he transformed into a welly loving toddler who, when told to go and get his shoes each time we go out, he returns with his wellies more often than. not.

They’re quite sturdy little boots, with a slight heel which has great grip, we’ve not tested them in muddy puddle yet, but they kept him upright on the slippy black mats on the beach on a drizzly morning. The bright funky pattern is probably what attracts the toddler each time it comes to getting ready to go out.


toddlers got some new shoes, by shoes

I worried they’d be a little high up his leg as he’s quite petite but they sit below his knee and don’t cause any difficulty walking. The high leg length means he’s protected in deeper puddles and there’s no danger of any water coming in over the top.

My favourite feature is the reflective safety strip down the back. It’s not that we do much night walking, but knowing that he’s easily spotted when we are walking down the road is a bonus, it also means I’ll probably stick with this make as he gets older as there aren’t any pavements from my house to the beach so light reflecting features like this are vital.

Muddy Puddle wellies being put to the test as puddle jumper on my local beach in Devon

There’s also a protective band around the lower edge with a bumpy surface which gives a little extra grip when walking and, I’m hoping, will preserve the life of the wellies. They’re also nicely padded which is great for wearing in colder weather. We’ve had wellies in the past which have had no padding and the boys have needed a few extra layer of socks to be able to wear them in the snow.

Opting for a more expensive welly boot for your kids gives you better features and comfort. These Muddy Puddle PuddleStompers will see you through all seasons.

These aren’t the cheapest wellies you can buy, at £20 a pair, but you get what you pay for, and parting with the extra cash will get you a more comfortable, better quality and more durable boot which I’m sure will see you through quite a few puddle jumping adventures. We’ll be sticking with Muddy Puddles now I’ve seen the difference between these and our cheapies.


We were sent a pair of Muddy Puddles Puddle Stompers for the purpose of this review, and as always, all photos and opinions are my entirely my own. 


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