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A Fitter, Healthier Me. The Story So Far

A Fitter, Healthier Me. The Story So Far

We’re well into 2015 now so I thought I’d give you a mini update on how my last year of being 30 bucket list is going. I’ve managed to make a few lifestyle changes for a better, healthier me. I’ve given up meat, tried to reduce my sugar intake and have embarked on a fitness challenge  all without feeling like I haven’t sacrificed too much. The water thing is still something I need to work on and I will, pinkie promise. Just after I finish this coffee.

While sticking to a vegetarian diet has been an easy switch, I have to admit that I’m running out of ideas for a varied diet as everything pretty much centres around cheese and mushrooms. I’m using the turn in weather as an opportunity to try out some vegetable packed meals and take me out of the humdrum carrots, broccoli and peas by toying with the idea of an organic vegetable box delivery. I say toying as last time I tried it, it was 75% swiss chard every week, which my boys hated.

I’ve also been sent some superfoods from Of The Earth Superfoods  to try out and boost my diet. As a chai latte lover already, I was excited to try out the real thing ( I never realised it was supposed to be green!) and the berry truffles have been a welcome energy boosting snack alternative to biscuits and cake. I’m waiting for one of my healthier friends to pop round and show me how to use the matcha rooibos, I need encouragement as I’m such a coffee lover!

making a healthy lifestyle switch with of the earth super foods

So it’s onwards and upwards as I head into the final few months of 2015 and 6 weeks until the big 40, the fitter, healthier me is still work in progress but it’s all going in the right direction. My Miles4MAMA fitness challenge is still going strong, 25 miles a week is not as easy as I thought but achievable, especially with this little smilier joining me!

My fitness saviour, as an active mum, keeping fit is child's play with my Mountain Buggy Terrain!

Off on another hike with my super smilie toddler!



  1. 7th October 2015 / 6:48 am

    Wow well done you! I need your motivation!! Lol xx

    • 13th October 2015 / 10:00 pm

      knowing it’s for such an amazing cause is spurning me on.

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