7 Steps to Ensuring Beautiful Healthy Hair

7 Steps to Ensuring Beautiful Healthy Hair

I’ve always had a love hate relationship with my hair. If it’s short, I want it longer, when it’s long it gets on my nerves. If it’s too dark I crave high lights (which no hair dresser seems to ever want to do!) and don’t even mention the speed at which the grey is coming through! I’m sure I’m not alone when there are days I strive for beautiful healthy hair.

I long for a hairdresser to take me by the hand and say “this is what you should do and I’m going to make that possible, but I’m yet to find one who wants not hing more than to snip off the ends and send me n my way. But it’s Christmas and there’s no better time to act a little self indulgently, if there’s one day in the year I have an excuse to sit and watch TV in my best dress with perfectly styled hair.

That said, its actually in it’s in not too bad condition at the moment so I thought I’d put some tips together to share how what I’ve been doing.

7 steps to beautiful, healthy hair

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Lather Rinse, Repeat, every other day.

Having long hair is a blessing and a curse, you can wear it up or down depending on your mood, but washing and drying can take an eternity. I only wash it every other day, for the simple reason that it’s so time consuming. But it also has the added benefit of letting the natural oils do their thing. I also keep products to the minimum, just a little argan oil on the ends, so the roots get greasy too quickly.

Right Tools For The Job 

Always make sure you style hair using the proper tools. I’ve tried cheaper straighteners in the past which have just snagged and damaged my hair, it’s one area I don’t think you can scrimp. I’ve also invested in a good quality hairdryer which, as well as lasting longer than my cheaper ones, having the differed heat settings is a bonus.

Regular trims

Ok, here’s where I fall down and really should practice what I preach. I’m telling you this as I’ve learnt the hard way. The longer I let my hair go between trims, the more split it gets and the more I need cutting off when I do get my act together and book that appointment.

Don’t brush it when it’s wet. 

I always get knots out prior to washing as its weakest when it’s wet so will cause maximum damage. Now and then I’ll do a deep condition and run a wide-toothed combed through when it’s covered in conditioner but that’s the only time a come will go near it until it’s dry. An anti static hairbrush is always a good shout too.

Don’t Over Condition

Choosing the right products for hair type is a must. I have greasy roots but dry ends so tend to use a normal shampoo, or one for coloured hair, then keep conditioner to the ends. Using a clarifying shampoo once a week helps stop product build up which makes your hair feel yuk and look dull.

Go easy on the drying too

Don’t rub your hair vigorously with a towel to dry it, instead patting and gently squeezing it with a towel keeps damage to a minimum. I dry it on a medium heat setting and finish on a cool as this helps flatten the ends, making it shiny and setting your style. During the warmer months, I give it a break from the hair dryer and straighteners once a week.

Watch your diet

And last but not least, the same goes for your hair, as it does for your skin; it’s what you put in as well as on which helps. Since giving up meat. I’ve been careful in making sure I have a healthy, balanced diet as well as taking a multivitamin supplement and my hair hasn’t suffered. I’ve also been taking part in a skinaide trial, which I’ll be sharing with you soon, which as well as having an amazing effect on my skin, has helped the condition of my hair.

how to ensure you have beautiful healthy hair with these must do haircare tips,

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