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5 great ways to make money from home

5 great ways to make money from home

Unless you’re blessed with a fruitful bank account, a little extra dough in your pocket is always going to be welcome, whether it’s for a guilt free treat or to keep the wolf from the door, it’s all about the money (money, money) This is especially true for any stay at home mums or dads who’ve given up a full time wage,  so I’ve been exploring different ways in which you can boost your income, be your own boss, set your own hours and most importantly work around the kids. Some may not be strictly exclusively from home and before you start panicking and deciding if you should dare to read on, they’re all legitimate.

if you're in need of some extra cash, heres 5 great ways you could make some money from home
1. Clean!

As a parent, wife, husband or all of the above one thing you’re probably pretty damn hot at is cleaning up after other people so why not put those skills  to good financial use. If you live in a tourist hot spot, this is a really easy one as there are always going to be holiday lets which need cleaning on changeover day. Contact your local holiday let business’ to see if they’re hiring or advertise your availability on notice boards where there are also holiday let adverts.

It may also be worth putting the word out at the school gates that your thinking of doing a little part time cleaning job, you never know if there’s a parent who’s looking and would rather pay someone they know than a stranger. (Although the opposite could be true if they’re worried about their housekeeping skills being discussed, it goes without saying that confidentiality is vital to avoid any show downs!)

2. Iron

If you have some spare time in the evenings or daytime, you could start your own ironing service. Make up some business cards  and advertise where ever Gumtree. Just make sure you and the kids are perfectly polished as evidence that you’re good at your trade. You’ll need to have a good supply of cheap hangers (unless they can supply their own, but your offering a convenience service and will look much more professional if you hand over shirts etc on hangers.

It goes without saying that smoking in the house is never a good idea as the smell will linger on cloths and always check the care labels to avoid ruining anyone’s designer, pure silk shirt. Base your price on each item, how long it will take to iron, factor in electricity and product cost and your hourly fee i.e; £10 per hour /  shirt = 1o mins + product you could charge around £1.50. It helps if you have a minimum fee so you’re not getting the iron out for a few quid.

3. Mystery Shop

You could register to be a mystery shopper with a company such as Amber Arch.  This involves visiting business’ from restaurants through to shops posing as a customer then giving feedback. As you’re registered as self-employed, you can pick and choose your assignments to suit you. It could be a good way to fund a day out or just an excuse to treat the family.

4. Sell On eBay/Gumtree/Facebook

If you know your way around any of the above you can offer to help other’s not so internet aware sell their unwanted goods for a percentage of the sales. You can do it all from a smart phone or a tablet, saving time by downloading the apps. Don’t forget to factor in eBay fees and source the best delivery services, such a MyHermes, so you don’t lose out on postage fees.

5. Dog walking

If you don’t mind spending time with man’s best friend why not become a dog walker. for an hourly fee you can collect, walk and return Rover while also getting fit. You’ll need to be available at a time to suit the owner but I’m sure there’s some roomful negotiation. As with the cleaning and ironing, use local advertising boards, Facebook and word of mouth as well as asking if you can put an add in your local vets. You may want to consider some public liability insurance just incase you end up in any dog related fracas.


Don’t forget to register as self employed with the HMRC  and keep records of incomings and outgoings such as equipment, working from home allowance and travel expenses.

5 ways to earn a little extra money


This is a sponsored post brought to you by Amber Arch, the opinions are completely my own, based on my own experienced. 




  1. 27th July 2015 / 9:57 am

    good list and I think in my time I have tried them all lol. One time I had five cleaning jobs lol thankfully no more!

    • 27th July 2015 / 1:53 pm

      Thanks Jilly, I think most us have dabbled with trying to earn a little extra to make ends meet.

  2. 27th July 2015 / 5:37 pm

    There’s some fab ideas here for all stay at home mums and dads to be able to pick one up for one day a week to keep a little extra income coming in. It’s great that some of these ideas are so easily fitted into your day-to-day life so you can do it around picking the kids up/ cooking the tea/ putting the kids to bed. Popping in from Magic Moments.

    • 10th August 2015 / 5:21 am

      theres nearly always a time for getting in some extra cash. Kids are money burners and I don’t think it ever changes!

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