My 40th Birthday, there were no all night parties. Those days have gone.

My 40th Birthday, there were no all night parties. Those days have gone.

I love this photo and do you want to know why? Well it’s simple, as I sorted through the snaps I  took from my weekend away,  celebrating my 40th, I kept coming back to this one, I wasn’t quite sure at first what it was, but then it struck me.

There were no all night parties, no Sambuca shots and no dancing on the tables. Those days are currently in hibernation. It’s not that I’ve never had birthday parties like that, believe me, I’ve had my fair share, albeit some time ago.

These days celebrations, whatever the occasion, are usually full family affair, creating memories for the young and old and not wasting days nursing hangovers, slumped on the sofa. Times they are a changing and I get so much more pleasure from seeing my boys relax and have fun, from chilling, chatting and by including them in all that we do and  most importantly, from waking up and feeling fresh, ready to take on another day.

Live is for living and I don’t want to waste a moment, so I called time on my old party days. That’s not to say it’ll never happen again, and when it does I’ll be the first in line, an over excited, eager beaver ready to sing, dance and shout then hang my head in shame as I let go just that little bit too much.

It’s just right now, life is great, and times ticking so boys won’t be boys forever, in the blink of an eye they’ll be men, partying all night, nursing hangovers on the sofa. And until then, my weekends are with them.

So why exactly do I love this  photos? Well for me, it captures the essence of the weekend. Kids playing, picking up on conversations they left from thier last meet up, and everyone relaxed in each other’s company. A normal moment, where a picture speaks a 1000 words.

“What day is it?

“It’s today!” squealed Piglet

“my favourite day” replied Pooh



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