40 Years since the release of Star Wars – A New Hope!

40 Years since the release of Star Wars – A New Hope!

Over the years the joys of motherhood have ensured I’ve become well equipped with certain things which passed me by in my own childhood. Computer games (I’m talking the early Atari type thing) Choppers and Star Wars being a few. Whilst I was knee deep in Cabbage Patch dolls and Snoopy, I can only vaguely remember watching a snippet of Star Wars at a friends house before we resumed practising for our own version of Thriller.

The ironic thing is I CAN tell you where I was and the exact scene I watched ( Trash Compactor moment in A New Hope if you’re wondering at a girl called Gemma’s house )

So I guess that’s my earliest Star Wars moment, funny how you remember these things, isn’t it?

Fast forward 20 something years and my children are still loving the films, and with each one we watch and every book they read, I learnt more and more about the epic which never seems to age. There was a time when Star Wars consumed every room in our house as the Lego mini figures and sets lurked in every corner along with various other paraphernalia.

And while it’s not so much the case these days, I know my boys will look back on their childhood and that the iconic movies will be a part of it, as will my Star Wars mad nephew. My youngest teenager is ploughing his way through the books right now. Historically a reluctant reader, he’s decided that maybe my suggestion of reading before bed isn’t completely bonkers after all.

The set he’s got are aimed at younger readers of approximately 8 and up, my 13 year old is more than happy to get stuck in as it’s not an intimidating size. He knows he can get through it relatively quickly and not bore or get bombarded with words. In short, it’s an easy read for a reluctant reader, it’s familiar and still captures the imagination. Plus his mates think it’s really cool!


The set includes the A New HopeThe Empire Strikes Back,   Return of the Jedi as well as the The Force Awakens so he’s got plenty to keep him occupied for the summer.  He’s also got the Galactic Atlas, an impressive keepsake in his Star Wars collection no doubt!

And to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of A New Hope Egmont UK Ltd are offering a set of the junior novels consisting of all 4 mentioned above.


Star Wars Book Set

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