4 Essential Safety Tips for a Firework Display at Home

4 Essential Safety Tips for a Firework Display at Home

Firework season is here and, although it’s a really exciting time, safety should always be your number one concern, so If you’re planning to buy fireworks for a display at home, it’s crucial that you’re aware and prepared for the various safety aspects which come part of parcel with it.

Do You Have a Suitable Space for a Home Display?

Before you roam the internet to find the best fireworks for sale, it’s vital first to establish whether or not you have a suitable space to use them. Firework displays at home tend to be situated in an area like a garden or patio. While this does give you plenty of room to socialise and set up your fireworks in larger spaces, it can also present a few issues such as overhanging trees and nearby houses.

It’s easy to get tempted by all of the big and exciting fireworks for sale, but if your garden isn’t suitable for rocket-style fireworks because of obstructions, there are other options. Wheel and fountain fireworks are static and provide you with a brilliant visual display while avoiding any of the hazards that come with rockets. Also, if you aren’t concerned about a big flashy show, sparklers are a classic option to entertain your younger guests, just follow the safety guidelines strictly and never let kids use them without close supervision.

Do Some Homework Before You Buy Fireworks

If this is your first time using fireworks or you have only used them once or twice before, it’s a smart move to do a little bit of homework. We already mentioned choosing the right fireworks to suit your environment, but it’s also crucial that you buy fireworks that suit your confidence and experience using them. Firework safety advice from experts will help you massively when the time comes to host your display. I’m a total beginner, my firework experience extends to sparklers so I’d definitely start basic.

Another thing you need to consider and get to grips with is the firework laws where you live. These rules and regulations give you the safety aspects of setting off fireworks, as well as being respectful of neighbours and the people in your area. Worth noting that failing to stick to these laws can land you with a fine up to £5000 or a £80 on-the-spot fine.

Don’t Forget About Your Pets

The loud bangs and flashing lights of firework season add some excitement to the chilly Autumn and Winter nights. Your pets, on the other hand, are a lot less enthusiastic about the use of fireworks. In fact, they’re often terrified by the unfamiliar sound of loud bangs. Even as a gun dog, my sprocker gets spooked,  Although this shouldn’t necessarily change your decision to buy fireworks, it’s definitely something you should keep in mind.

Making sure your pets are safe and settled indoors while fireworks are going off gives you a much better chance of reducing stress and keeping them safe. putting music on or the TV up might help mask some of the noises. If you’re hosting a display, choosing quiet fireworks will still give you a visually fantastic show, without the loud bang. While the lack of noise may seem to make it a less authentic firework show, it’s safe to say your animals will massively appreciate it.

Remind Your Guests About Firework Safety

Planning and holding a fun and exciting firework display will undoubtedly be your aim, but the safety of your guests should always be your priority. And now you should have a better idea of your role in keeping everyone safe, so now it’s time to focus on your guests. This doesn’t mean you have to test them, but quickly setting some ground rules will help to prevent any mishaps.

First off, fireworks should only ever be lit by an adult — and once they are lit, you should stand a safe distance away until they go off. It’s also vital to keep fireworks stored in their box to avoid accidental ignition from other fireworks or guests with cigarettes. If alcohol is flowing, it’s not just younger guests you’ll have to worry about in regards to safety either. It’s your firework display and therefore your responsibility to make sure everyone steers clear of injury. Helping your guests stick to the guidelines mentioned above will help you to do that.


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