About 2017, I’m not really sure what to say…..

About 2017, I’m not really sure what to say…..

I was planning writing a big inspirational post to round up 2017, the kind where I share all the amazing things which have happened in my life and look forward to total excitement and optimism for the new year ahead. The reality is, I’m not really sure what happened.

It was an epic year of sorts, I had big plans this time last year. Still in the throes of navigating my way and getting my head around being a single mum, I grabbed 2017 with both hands and planned some big changes and adventures.

My goal to take my boys on a holiday was trumped when I got to do it twice, with gumption! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would get to go to Florida   and despite the chaos of being caught up in the British Airways disaster at the start of our Mark Warner break  to Sardinia in May, it was just what the Dr ordered, a stepping stone into realising just how much holidays are important to the boys and I, and I’m already looking at where we can go next year. Learning to sail on a Mark Warner break in high priority as it ticked all the boxes for us.

about 2017, Im not really sure what to say

I was so hoping to start the year a legal single lady, the end is in sight in divorce land, there’s been ups and downs but nothing as horrendous as you see in the movies and I’m still undecided on the whole divorce party thing, maybe just a few drinks with friends and family to toast new beginnings?

Oh, and that thing about single parenting and broken homes, it’s a total myth. My boys are thriving, it still sucks being the single lady in a village of happily married families and yes, you do get overlooked in social occasions for fear of husband stealing.

about 2017, I', not really sure what to say

But on the flip side,  I’ve managed to rack up some amazing friends, hooking up with someone else in the same situation is my sole advice for anyone who’s finding themselves on the other side of coupledome.  Sure, I’ve lost a few along the way, but like one friend reminded me recently as I moaned about my crap single lady status…..

people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime

which is so true, see, optimistic Ali is still here!

So, in a nutshell, 2017 was a year of reasons, a couple of seasons and a lifetime of heading in the right direction and positive decision-making.

So tonight I’ll be putting in my glad rags, knocking back the gin and dancing my way out of another year of false starts, new beginnings in a kick-ass LBD and sparkly heels…..

how did your 2017 pan out?




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