My Pick Of Home Decor Trends for 2018

There’s a double edge to the reasons behind me writing this post, I needed a brain dump to defrag all the home decor trends ideas I’ve got floating round in my head, and I’m looking for your advice on what to do with my dining room. It’s all stemmed out of getting bored with looking at the same feature wall which has faithfully welcomed me into my home for the last 3 years. Yet with limited decorating time available, I’m pretty much limited to only changing the bare minimum, so the neutral grey decor which runs throughout the whole of my open plan living space will be staying & I’m just changing that one, wow look at me, wall.

But oh, what to do? I’ve spent way too many hours perusing Pinterest and Googling “please help me decide on a colour scheme which will do my Instagram account proud” and this is what I’ve come up with so far….

Moody is the new grey

Think muted navy, emerald and violet. This would go perfectly with my grey walls, warming up the very bland feel to my house and who doesn’t love a bit of cosy? My only concern is that my dining room sits in the middle of my house, and even with a big bay window at the front and bright kitchen at the back, it’s always dark. I’m worried those moody navy, emeralds and violets will zap even more light creating a cave effect lulling me into a permanent hibernation. But…….with violet being announced the Pantone colour of the year, I’d be bang on trend! So that could be a swaying factor.

Embrace The Tropical

I’m guessing this trend is a follow on from last years Greenery Pantone colour of the year. There’s no denying that bold, leafy prints are everywhere and should I choose to go bold and dark, the contrasting tropical oranges and greens against a navy backdrop will have the wow factor. After last year’s summer breaks to Florida and Sardinia, I’m pretty settled on the idea of a UK staycation (don’t hold me to that, I’m pretty indecisive on matters of the holiday type) so introducing a tropical theme could be just the tonic, on the other hand it could remind me of what I’d be missing out on and get my on that plane pronto!)

I’ve found a great collection of tropical accessories at Sainsurys Online

Getting the lighting right….

So let’s say, for argument’s sake, that I decide on a moody navy or violet feature wall, add accessories in a bold tropical print, then this would allow me to bring in some of the lush copper which I’ve been hankering after. I feared it would look too out of place in my greys and whites, but now I’ve built up a little more of a vision of how my dining room could look, there is definitely a place for some copper pendant lights to hang over my dining table, this would really help to create the cosy feel of the room. I think that’s settled my internal argument on what to do.

All that’s needed now is a big dose of home decorating bravery and I’ll get that paint brush out.

Wish me luck!

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Trying Out A Savisto Delux Hand Blender

For years I’ve lived on a tight budget, seeking out many ways to be as thrifty as possible. As a mature student with a young family it was the only way to make sure ends were met and keep the world from the door. With long term goals of a better life for us all on the horizon I knew it was only temporary which made it an easier pill to swallow.

One of these cuts were to switch brands for budget, often supermarket own, which I soon learnt was false economy. You get what you paid for. For example, my much needed and used hand blender, at a mere snip of a £5 was testament to that.

Homemade soups were/are a winter family staple. Smoothies in the summer. The quickest, best and guaranteed way of getting fruit and veg into our diet. We needed something up to the job and sadly £5 supermarket hand blenders weren’t even in the race.

I’ve actually lost count of the amount we’re bought. We needed quality over quantity and I think we might just have found our man; a Savisto hand blender  which comes with an array of attachments (and a reassuring 2 year guarantee. )

Testing out the Savisto hand blender on smoothies, just one of my must have appliances.

Having burnt out a few motors already trying to whizz up frozen fruit smoothie I was a little apprehensive about breaking another one but the feel and build gives you a little reassurance that it should be ok, and with the ability to control the speed. (It also has a turbo for short bursts.)

I’ve also been using the whisk for mixing up cake recipes rather than digging out the whole of my food mixer and the teenager’s made some fabulous light and fluffy omelettes, his signature dish when cooking for friends. The real plus of having the extra attachments, aside form chopping onions, whisking cakes and blending smoothies is that it doesn’t take up much room. Perfect for my already crammed to the brim kitchen!

So it’s a “Yay!” for this solid, hard working hand blender, seeing us through space saving, teenage cooking sessions and eating healthy mornings and a “Noooooo” to buying cheap, false economy kitchen appliances from now on!


Testing out the Savisto hand blender on smoothies, just one of my must have appliances.


A recipe for for a caribbean smoothie recipe for a burst of vitamins and antioxidants.

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I was sent this hand blender for the purpose of this review, all words and photos are entirely my own. 


Sharing The Ecover Washing Up Liquid #GreenCanClean Message

Several months ago my dishwasher gave up on me. The feelings were mutual. I had grown to resent its constant breakdowns, he’d had enough of my constant whining. Despite being only 2 years old it was trouble after just 6 months use (proof that you should stick to a well-known brand as this was a freebie which came with our kitchen, happy to name and shame if you need as it’s been truly awful.) But this tale isn’t all about my washing up woes, optimistic me always tries to see the bright side so here it is;

So, you get the picture, it’s been old school washing up for this busy family ever since. Not great, I admit with 5 people in our house and a teenager with hollow legs. But with other things eating into our budget a dishwasher seemed more of a luxury than a necessity. I can do this, I said, we can do this. As a family we’ll tackle the washing up and the boys can muck in too. <cue groans> But we’ve done and over these few months it’s fair to say I’ve become a bit of a washing up liquid pro.

And with a health kick on the agenda, we’ve dipped our toes into the world of environmentally friendly products. Reducing chemicals around the home only seems logical when you think of all the damage they can do, I know myself how using bleach alone effected my breathing so lord only knows what that does to my children’s developing bodies.

First stop was to switch to Ecover washing up liquid. As a Talk To Mums mumbassador, I was tasked to spread the word on this particular brand. Being plant and mineral based rather than fully petrochemical based like other washing up liquids, it uses coconut oil and sugars to act as natural cleaning chemicals. The majority of my skin care is now natural oil and butter based so I was confident that Ecover was up to the job.


The main message that is championing the Green Can Clean (#GreenCanClean) Ecover campaign is the lack of added foam boosters in their products. “mmmmm, I though, not sure that less bubbles will be a resounding success.” (imagine a wondering expression here.) So I delved into what exactly that meant.

 foam boosters are what are known as ‘persistent chemicals’ which means that they don’t degrade well in water and can harm aquatic life


Showing how effective Ecover washing up is despite no added foam boosters and spreading the Green Can Clean message

It actually turned out that less foam, and I’m not talking a huge difference to what I was use to, was actually a good thing. Not only did it do the job just as well as any other well-known brands, it actually meant that there wasn’t as much residue left on the dishes afterwards.

Another plus side, for me personally, was the difference I noticed on my hands. Being a pomphlyx eczema sufferer my hands are easily irritated my chemicals and I have to be so careful. Cover hasn’t effected it at all which is such a relief and as well as using it for the dishes, I’ve now stopped using any chemicals to wipe down my wooden work tops, table and pretty much anything else in the home and just use warm soapy Ecover washing up based water instead.

And for anyone needing a little more convincing, just check out the before and after shots from a morning’s washing up session after feeding 4 growing teenagers, a ravenous toddler and a husband.

Proof is in the pudding (bowl) I’d say, and that yes, Green Can Clean!

Showing how effective Ecover washing up is despite no added foam boosters and spreading the Green Can Clean message


As a Talk To Mums mumbassador I am compensated to hand out samples and spread the #GreenCanClean message. This post is in conjunction with this role.


How Often Should You Replace Your Pillows? (And Why I Love a New One)

I have a few little quirks which only those very close to me are aware of but as we’re friends right? I thought I’d share with you too. Not in a weird tell me yours, I tell you mine sort of way, it’s more of a have you thought about doing this type conversation, but in a think about it, I love a new one, and when you read a little bit more, you may or may not be wondering if it’s time to replace your pillows

So this quirk, if you could call it that, is I have a pillow preference. I am very particular about where I lay my head to rest at night, and given the opportunity, I will take my own pillow away with me. There you have it, now you know, I can’t bear the thought of sleeping on a pillow which a 100 or so other people have probably drooled all over. See when you say or read that fact out loud it makes perfect sense!

I’m a pillow fuss pot and I’m not afraid to say it.

Each January I buy new pillows for myself and my family, starting afresh and seeing the new year in dribble, dust mite and sweat free! I’m not trying to gross you out, the reason I’m sharing this little personal snippet is that right now is the perfect time to replace your pillows. There are some amazing sales on where you could get some great quality bedding for a fraction of what you’d spend any other time if the year.

I’m a side sleeper and like a supportive but soft pillow (told you I was fussy!) and with a little help from the pillow selector tool at  Sleepy People I’ve found this year’s perfect pillow for my needs. My husband prefers to scrunch up and mould his, so by choosing our own pillows, we’re both happy. Universal pillows have no place on our bed.

To preserve the life and for a little more hygienic preference, I always use pillow protectors (which I have been known to pack if taking my own pillow isn’t an option!) and on a bright Sunday morning I stack up the whole family collection and air them on an open window.

According to The Sleep Council you should replace your pillow every 2 years, while I’m on the over eager side, a study printed in the Daily Mail found that the average Briton went a full 3.2 years between pillows. It doesn’t bear thinking about the amount of dust mites along with sweat and drool it’s harbouring in those stinky beauties! (It’s recommended you replace your duvet every 5 years if you’re wondering)

So if you needed a reason to replace your pillows, ready for the year ahead, you now have one.

How often do you replace your pillows? Here's a little thought provoker for you;


p.s Sweet dreams x


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How often do you replace your pillows? Here's a little thought provoker for you;