Introducing Glitzbox Jewellery Subscription

Exciting times bling lovers!  Jewellery rental subscription has arrived in the UK, as GLITZBOX launches, I’ve tested out this brand new service and am sitting here in a stunning pair of silver earrings and beautiful gold necklace as I type.

And it feels good!

I’m quite a creature of habit when it comes to jewellery, wearing the same earrings and necklace until they break or more often than not, I loose it. So I love the idea of being sent a different set each month to try, this way I get to see what looks good, to step out of my comfort zone and more importantly wear pieces which, if I’m totally honest, I would probably leave in a box for ‘best.’

But the great thing with only having them temporarily, (unless you decide to buy and not return, is that saving for best idea goes out of the window. So for the next month I will be sporting a while new me when it comes to jewels!

glitzbox is the UK's first subscription based jewellery service and I'm loving having the chance to trail some new pieces.

If you wondering how it works, read on;

GLITZBOXis a jewellery subscription service, with a monthly fee

Members receive a curated set of designer jewellery to wear on loan

They have the option to buy or return

They receive different pieces the following month

glitzbox is the UK's first subscription based jewellery service and I'm loving having the chance to trail some new pieces.

It was quite exciting getting my first box through the post this week, wondering what would be inside. I’d filled in an online questionnaire which helped determine what style of jewellery I preferred, so I had an inkling I’d like what was inside.

Just being able to step away from the diamond studs and silver necklace for the next few weeks wearing a few pieces (with a combined value of £300 which trumps my cheapies!) you don’t half feel the bees knees.

And despite being quite nonchalant about being swayed by bling, it seems I’ve completely fallen for the gold necklace, so am saving the pennies in the hope I can keep it. The £30 credit you get with your box should help sway it and anyway, I’ll be 41 1/2 next month.

A little bi yearly birthday treat to myself, me thinks!

So would you?

glitzbox is the UK's first subscription based jewellery service and I'm loving having the chance to trail some new pieces.

***   If you would like to trail GLITZBOX too, I have a few unique discount codes to share, please email ***


Dreaming of Winning And Traveling?

There’s a little game I like to play now and then, one of those – I need a distraction or some happy thoughts before I drift off to sleep, type games, where I work out what I’d buy if I won the lottery.

If I’m feeling in a generous mood I’d split it between my family and friends. I get just as much pleasure out of giving as receiving and it’d be great to be able to take some of their money worries away. But on the days when I think stuff it, it’s all mine, mine, mine, I lay there mentally calculating what I’d spend it on.

So lets just say, for argument’s sake, that I’m feeling mid-range generous. I’ve dished out some to said friends and family and now it’s on to some serious spending sprees. And while I’m in the midst of a mid-life new me thing, my wish list has been given a whole new clean sheet.

You see,travel was never a big priority for the old Ali, sure I fancied some luxury holidays, weeks laying by the pool, chasing a toddler and probably stressing about taking time off work. But right now I have an urge to see more of the big wide world which I was blind to in the past. I’m feeling adventurous and much more confident that the boys and I can do this. Plus, the thought of getting them away from their computers, iPhones and games consoles would be amazing.

They might even make conversation!

dreaming about winning the lottery and traveling with my kids

So that would be me, packed up for a few months ideally, realistically the school holidays, to far-flung places, making memories with my winnings at the driving seat, staying in the best hotels and apartments.

Oh a gal can dream….

So what could I do to be ‘in it to win it’ and head in the right direction to being in with a chance? Well, aside from my usual line on the National Lottery which I’ve done for yonks. I’ve also just found Lottoland. The prices and winnings are the same, and you get a line of numbers in the same way, you just place your bets differently.  Lotto Betting at  gives you access to jackpots that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to as they don’t sell physical tickets and so not limited in the same way a normal lottery. This means you can win huge jackpots amounts from across the world.

So that’s two possibilities, but lets just throw in another in the mix. For arguments sake, I could sell up my little home and just fly off in to the sunset with the slate wiped clean. Throwing caution to the wind and truly leaving the old me behind. Just a thought.

I’ll leave you with that little snippet of information to mull over while I go back to visualising stunning sunsets and warmth on my skin in an attempt to ignore the pile of laundry which needs folding and the ever-growing list of to do’s niggling away on the chalk board in my kitchen.

dreaming about winning the lottery and travel with my kids


Home Improvements, Gotta Love ’em.

It’s been some time since I embraced on an epic mission for some home improvements . Top to bottom, no room was spared. And it’s safe to safe that the process was absolutely exhausting, especially while gripped in the early days of morning sickness, shudder. When it was complete (still a few lingering jobs which need finishing so complete is not really the right word.) I hung up my paint splattered joggers and vowed NEVER TO DO IT AGAIN.

But I forgot that houses need maintaining, that kids, dogs and life in general doesn’t consider the time and effort that went into glossing the door frames, stripping wall paper, waxing the skirting boards and painting every bloody room in the house.

I sit here writing this with my back to the black board in my kitchen detailing the growing list of to do jobs mounting up. I need to get the A-Rated Home Improvements professionals in! But I know that there is still so many more home improvements which could make my little home more appealing. Starting with an ickle tiled roof extension or even a conservatory squeezed on the back. Nothing fancy, just an extension from my kitchen with a glass roof. Somewhere to place a big comfy armchair and spend the evening curled up under the stars.

The spot in question is currently home to a small terraced deck furnished with pot plants, a side table and a couple of rattan chairs. It’s the perfect sunny spot to sit with an afternoon cup of tea but now the days are shorter and colder, it’s struck me that this little spot is only used a couple of months of the year.

So while I ignore that chalked up list of DIY jobs, I’m dreaming up ways to waste another few thousand pounds in a glass roofed, chill area room which I clearly don’t need.