Stepping out in luxury lingerie with Empress Mimi

Answer this honestly ladies, those days when you step out the door in matching undies are the ones when you feel like you’ve got your mojo. I’m working it, I can handle it and yes #ThisMumCan. Even if you’re not feeling fully on trend or classy on the outside, knowing that underneath it all, you’re killing it. I’ve been going by the mantra that there’s no need to save things til best anymore, seriously,  what’s the point of the beautiful things in your life staying locked away in a drawer, only to see the light of day on the odd special occasion? (Answer, there’s NO point.)

So I put on the nice jewellery, wear the posh perfume and most days, not just the good days, I make sure I’m wearing matching undies/lingerie/underclobber whatever you want to call it.

Need an example? Take this cute little set from Empress Mimi for example; what lady wouldn’t raise a smile to a new set like this being delivered to their door each month? This is hands down the most exciting thing to arrive on my doorstep last week, believe me!

Arriving beautifully packaged, opening it up and waiting to see what’s inside was all part of the fun. Almost like a little present to yourself, a well done for being awesome this month, now go get changed and feel fabulous.

Yeah, after a careful, well thought through head rummage, I’m totally sold on the idea of a surprise package of lingerie coming each month.

  • There’s no stress in finding time to go to the shop to buy it,
  • it’s indulgent, because let’s face it, people only buy new undies when they’re having an affair, newly single and ready to mingle or off on a girlie weekend where the pressure to give off the ‘yeah, I don’t own any grey holey numbers, I always make an effort whatever the occasion’  vibe.
  • And if left to a man to buy it, it’s only ever going to be red or black and probably the wrong size.

So here’s a thought. What if you decide you’re not going to be that person who saves the best for best.

What if, for example, you decide to throw away all you old faithful’s, and to step out every day as though you’re dressed for all eventualities because the only underwear you own is simply amazing? (Blokes who are still reading, that applies to you too, ditch the holey boxers. Do it, do it now!)

So here's a thought. What if you decide you're not going to be that person who saves the best lingerie for only best?

In the words of Empress Mimi themselves……

There is a misconception that lingerie is exclusively for the bedroom. What is worn underneath your clothes directly reflects how you feel and the energy you emit. A touch of sensual lingerie is the equivalent to a power suit, one that is delicious little secret that only you know about.

And I’m totally with it, as pretty lingerie makes it all better.

So here's a thought. What if you decide you're not going to be that person who saves the best lingerie for only best?

Fancy trying it out Empress Mimi for yourself?
You can get 15% off your first purchase using the code MUMINANUTSHELL15
 And what’s more, they’ll also donate 10% of the proceeds of the purchases made using the discount code to charities helping get more women into coding
Why coding?
Because we believe that technology and the online world has lowered the barriers to entry for everyone to run their own business (whether as a side hustle or full time). Getting more women into tech will ensure more women at the top of what we hope will become the new world  leading businesses and will ensure that every woman has the skills and knowledge to thrive in the emerging tech economy. More women going online and building like-minded communities that support one another, and more fearless women with the right tools at their disposal to create anything they can imagine .
Empress Mimi


This is a collaborative post. All words and photographs are my own unless otherwise stated. 


Will turning 40 mean leaving my happy place?

I’ve got 8 weeks left of being thirty, 8 weeks of what’s been the best decade of my life. I keep saying this mile stone out loud, dropping it into conversations like a confession, . Verbally processing the concept that the end is nigh.

I had no idea why I kept doing it, I never made this much fuss turning thirty and my twenties were a welcome sight.
And then it struck me, one lazy Sunday morning as I lay in bed while watching my son snoozing next to me, his beautiful little face so perfect, his hand touching my arm knowing he was safe in mummy’s bed.

Everything was perfect.

That was why I was so reluctant to let go of this last year and step into the unknown forties. So much has happened which made my life complete and my worry was how would I match this? I’ve reached my destination, project me was complete. Everything I strived for these last 10 years achieved.

Now what?

If I’d climbed this high, was the only way down?

Could I maintain the momentum of happiness and perfection which had built up over 10 blissful years?

I’m an optimistic person at heart so this pondering and niggling feeling confused me. But when I looked back at younger years, the signs were there. The terrible teenage years, where I threw away my education for a life of defiance and risk taking. The twenties, when I should’ve been leaving university and at the start of a career but instead stuck in a dead-end job So much happened in those years that changed me forever and there was a time when I thought all was lost.

I had no ambition, no dreams and no idea how to make things better.

And then I became a mum and everything changed. Suddenly I had focus and a desire to plan for a brighter, better future. One where I could not only provide for my son but be a role model, I’d teach him to reach for the stars show him nothing was out-of-bounds.

Time was more precious than ever, my focus sharp and my goal insight yet in those 10 years I’d learnt to drive, completed a degree, carved a career, set up a business and had another baby.

So you’ll excuse my hesitation at leaving my most productive years behind, these are the years when I became me. The happy, business owning, ambitious mum of three.

As I wonder if turning 40 means leaving my happy place.

turning 40, will I be leaving my happy place?

Special thanks to Pouting In Heels who inspired me to finish writing this post.



So what are your Mother’s Day plans

I’m only asking as I’m after ideas.

I’m really lucky to only live 5 minutes away from my mum, so whenever I need bit of TLC and a natter then I pop down to see her. (I also do this when I’m in need of a sugar boos as she always has a well stocked biscuit tin and food always tastes better at ‘home’) I’m also straight down there if I need any cooking ingredients as it’s on route to the shop, but I have an unlimited and free tab there, so why waste your time parting with cash? Simples.

So that’s why I’m trying to think of something nice to do for her as without the convenience of tea, biscuits and a free rein on her cupboards, I’d be lost. The problem is my Mum is the matriarch of the family, the go-to woman and the chief organiser so when it comes to wrestling that role off her, it’s quite difficult to match.  And your always the ‘kid’ when your with your Mum,  so within the natural order of life, taking charge is quite difficult.

When it comes to presents, the fail safe my siblings and I resort to is a photograph of her grandchildren. As long as I can remember she has loved photo’s, both in front and behind the lens. She’s no wall flower, on a normal day she’s utterly bonkers, she loves her kids and is the perfect nanny.

I’m thinking then, for Mother’s Day this year (March 15th if you were wondering)  now her grandchildren quota has plateaued,  I’ll go for photo over load and a nice brunch in our favourite coffee bar, what do you think?

But you still haven’t told me, what are your plans?


My Captured Moment – sledging

It’s funny how fate can sometimes lead you to stumbled upon something just at the right moment. I spent yesterday moving old photos from my iPhone to my laptop top feeling sad that a few of them were pre blog days and I’d probably never get to share them or keep them in a place I can revisit should my laptop give up the ghost, then purely by chance I landed on the Captured Moments link up running on Running in Lavender  and hey presto, a chance to dig out and upload some of my favourite photos.

snow fun on Mum in a nutshell

This one was taken on a mini break with just my Mum and sister (and our children, obs) The boys remind me of penguins seeing them here sledging on their tummies.

Happy days, happy children, happy adults.

A perfect captured moment



This is 2nd, excruciatingly painful Monthly, Monday Melfie (mummy selfie to anyone who hasn’t read my last Melfie post. ) This is the green light for all those mums who spend their life behind the lens, to post at least one photo of themselves with their children, organised by the lovely Californian Mum in London blog.
I had some amazingly comments on my last one, which has inspired me to go for it again, I know that one day I’ll look back and be thankful I did! 
For anyone else who wants to join in but haven’t perfected the perfect Melfie / Selfie, I’d recommend popping over to tots 100 where there’s a brilliant how to take a good selfie post. 

Remember a melfie’s for life, not just for Facebook! 
Anyway, less of the chit chat and more of the photos. 


With love from lovely Devon 

Super Busy Mum

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