40 Years since the release of Star Wars – A New Hope!

Over the years the joys of motherhood have ensured I’ve become well equipped with certain things which passed me by in my own childhood. Computer games (I’m talking the early Atari type thing) Choppers and Star Wars being a few. Whilst I was knee deep in Cabbage Patch dolls and Snoopy, I can only vaguely remember watching a snippet of Star Wars at a friends house before we resumed practising for our own version of Thriller.

The ironic thing is I CAN tell you where I was and the exact scene I watched ( Trash Compactor moment in A New Hope if you’re wondering at a girl called Gemma’s house )

So I guess that’s my earliest Star Wars moment, funny how you remember these things, isn’t it?

Fast forward 20 something years and my children are still loving the films, and with each one we watch and every book they read, I learnt more and more about the epic which never seems to age. There was a time when Star Wars consumed every room in our house as the Lego mini figures and sets lurked in every corner along with various other paraphernalia.

And while it’s not so much the case these days, I know my boys will look back on their childhood and that the iconic movies will be a part of it, as will my Star Wars mad nephew. My youngest teenager is ploughing his way through the books right now. Historically a reluctant reader, he’s decided that maybe my suggestion of reading before bed isn’t completely bonkers after all.

The set he’s got are aimed at younger readers of approximately 8 and up, my 13 year old is more than happy to get stuck in as it’s not an intimidating size. He knows he can get through it relatively quickly and not bore or get bombarded with words. In short, it’s an easy read for a reluctant reader, it’s familiar and still captures the imagination. Plus his mates think it’s really cool!


The set includes the A New HopeThe Empire Strikes Back,   Return of the Jedi as well as the The Force Awakens so he’s got plenty to keep him occupied for the summer.  He’s also got the Galactic Atlas, an impressive keepsake in his Star Wars collection no doubt!

And to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of A New Hope Egmont UK Ltd are offering a set of the junior novels consisting of all 4 mentioned above.


Star Wars Book Set

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Win A Bamboo Towel Bundle From The Towel Shop

My little sister and I were having one of our typical mammoth chats last week during which I confessed to  never having bought a towel. EVER. Crazy if you think of the fact that I left home 20 years!  It’s not that I’m living life towel free or  I’ve been a conscious towel buying avoider or my current collection is looking old and knackered. Far from it. It’s simply been a case of having a perpetual towel buying mum who’s passed hers on to me and my siblings. The end result of said conversation was that along with my brother and sister, we’ve never had to buy a towel once!

So that was it, I was on a mission, time to be all adult and do some towel shopping research !

But where to start?

When you’ve never had to even blink in the direction of what to look for I was starting from scratch. First to replace our hand me downs, was a bundle of bamboo towels.

It turns out that a  Bamboo towel is three times more absorbent than Cotton ones making post bath times with a lively toddler a little easier, plus the perfect material to make towels from. Being super soft, I’ve not noticed anything different from my current cotton ones so it does seem to the way to go, and if you’d like to join me and see for yourself then read on….

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Win a Williams Waterless Wash & Wax Car Cleaning Set

Hands up who’s with me when it comes to the satisfaction of having a nice, clean car. Even with my chaotic, busy life, I try to find time to clear out the mess, give it a quick brush down and polish and remove the constant seagull poo target practice which keeps the pesky birds happy. (I swear they aim for my little car as soon as I’ve cleaned it.)

However, keeping the outside looking respectable isn’t as easy as it sounds, as any attempt of a quick car wash is non-existent as my helpful toddler insists on joining in and I spend most of my time guiding him away from the road and trying to stop him from standing in the bucket. To him it’s the ultimate muddy puddle – fun if you’re Peppa Pig, annoying if you’re a busy mum with a never-ending to-do list.
I've found another timesaving tip, a water wash and wax kit for my car. It's cut the car cleaning time by over half!

That last little niggle has been laid to bed recently though after discovering Williams Waterless Wash and Wax Car cleaning kit. I’ve managed to squirt, wipe and buff in a record 20 minutes this week, more than halving by usual sponge and bucket attempt.  It really was a simple case of wipe, polish and go. Simples! It makes the whole process of car cleaning much less messier, quicker and stress free and I’m keeping on top of it rather than waiting until I can’t read the number plate. Shine car – happy people. There’s a song in that somewhere, I’m sure.

Fancy seeing for yourself? Lucky for you then, to celebrate the anniversary of the launch of this time-saving car cleaning kit, I’m offering you the chance to win a kit of your own. It’s open to Uk residents over the age 18

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Win a Ben-Bat Govinci Trolley With Holiday Extras

Going away on holiday is one of life’s most relaxing experiences that all of the family can enjoy together. However, without the right preparations in place you could suffer a hiccup or two along the way! Recent research from travel essentials provider HolidayExtras.com highlights that one in three people across the UK do suffer from travel anxiety.

One of the most effective ways to create a relaxing travel experience is to take along some distractions such as colouring books, to keep yourself and the kids entertained. With this in mind, HolidayExtras.com is offering a prize designed to help keep little ones and you relaxed on the move.

The Ben-Bat Govinci Trolley doubles up as a drawing table, which is bound to keep your little artists happily occupied…and they get the chance to show off their finest artworks as they wheel the suitcase through the airport!

Holiday Extras knows how to help make travel better– leaving you free to relax and enjoy every single minute of your holiday.

To spread the tranquil travel message, HolidayExtras.com brought a giant colouring board to the heart of London’s Victoria Place Shopping Centre on Monday 8th August, bringing smiles to the faces of commuters and families on the move.

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