Don’t Panic! Here’s A Last Minute Mothers Day Gift Guide..

Less than a week to go until that day when fellow mums wake up to handmade cards with flowers on and breakfast in bed; otherwise known as Mothers Day. I’m not holding out for the later going on the basis that the only kids I own, who I’d give free rein in the kitchen to, don’t tend to immerge out of their pits before 11am on a weekend. On the flip side, I still love showing my amazing mum how much I appreciate everything she does on this day and I’m happy to report I’m all prepared.

If you’re one of the last to the Mothers Day party and can feel the rising panic that you still haven’t bought your gifts yet, fear not, I’ve cobbled together some last minute gift ideas, some which you can order from Amazon Prime and get delivered next day. There’s something for every budget here ranging from  £49.99 for the Amazon Echo Dot which I can personally recommend as being amazing, ideally I’d have one in every room as Alexa has fast become my friend as I ask her to let me know everything from weather reports, horoscopes, add things to my shopping list, play music and count me through my morning planks. I’ve eyed up the Amazon Spot and currently arguing out the ‘do I want or do I need’ in my head as I try not to impulse buy on payday. They’re easy enough to set up if your mum’s a technophobe too.

here's some last minute Mothers Day gift ideas which you can use with Amazon Prime

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, how about a box Prestat Fine Chocolates. Read the reviews on the Amazon site with trepidation, I was salivating at the thought of them!  Or maybe an indoor herb garden (save money on buying potted herbs in the supermarket so it’s a gift which keeps on giving.) a Rituals bath set with the aromas of Cherry blossom and Rice Milk. Who doesn’t love an indulgent bath or a miniature gin gift set from, perfect for trying out the many flavours gracing the market

last minute gift guide for mothers day

Or if you’re buying for your children to show your wife, partner or girlfriend how amazing they are, why not go for something a little more personal? Like a personalised Mummy necklace or Apron from  Handmade at Amazon. Just don’t forget the card! There are some really cute/funny/heartfelt ones.


I’ve tried to keep this post short and sweet so you can dash off and get ordering without having to listen to me waffle on anymore.

Whatever side of the fence you’re sitting this Mothers Day, have an ace one.




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An Fathers Day Gift Guide & Giveaway

While socks and golf themed novelty gifts are the norm, Fathers Day is a time when you can try raise a smile from even the sternest of dads. I’m lucky to have a soppy old soak of a dad who asks for very little out of life and is probably one of the least materialistic people I know, but that doesn’t mean I don’t put any effort into showing him how much I care. I’m also fortunate enough to have a step dad who is pretty awesome too, both of which I owe a lot of thanks to for practical and moral support.

So it’s away with the traditional and in with the thoughtful in a post I’ve created to inspire you to spoil your dad, just like a dad, husband, partner or all the above!

a gift guide of ideas for thoughtful fathers day presents

  1. Kicking off is this keyring engraved with a significant date from Maria Allen Boutique , I’d personalise it with the day he became a dad if you have siblings or just go all out ego with your own date of birth to make sure he’ll never forget your birthday! Or if he’s a sporting fan, why not go for a pinnacle sporting moment he always remembers. Either way, it’s on his keys so he’ll have something to treasure and remind him of all those late night taxi journeys he had to do during your teens.
  2. As an already proud wearer of my MAMA Selfish Mother sweatshirt, I can wholly recommend the dad or grandad version currently on their website. I personally think that there is no age limit to showing off how well you’re Dadding It!
  3. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m bringing up my boys to look after their skin, gone are the days of being macho about using the odd aftershave balm and one which is a favourite of my elder teenager is the Oleo No 9 aftershave balm. It conditions the skin and helps reduce discomfort from shaving while  leaving it soothed, moisturised using natural ingredients and essential oils so limiting the chemicals which enter the blood stream topically. My son has quite sensitive skin and swears by this for helping the post shave burn. Team it with the No 9 Shaving cream and you have yourself a gift set.
  4. Ease the aches and pains with a massage. I know that this is something my dad would never do for himself but is also something which he could probably do with. Try seek out somewhere which offer specific men’s treatments and go along with him on the day.
  5. Finally, if your dad is the adrenalin junkie type then how about a day out doing something a little different? Groupon always have some great deals and ideas if you’re at a complete loss as to where to start. There’s a virtual reality session for 4 available locally to me right now, how’s that for modern quality family time with the kids! Or maybe a flying experience or supercar driving?

Hopefully there’s something here which will float his boat, if not then socks and whisky flavoured chocolates it is.

Maria Allen Boutique

No cash alternative, uk entries over 18 years only.

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Win A £50 Pia Jewellery Voucher & Some Mothers Day Gift Ideas

If you’ve left buying your Mothers Day gift to last-minute, I’ve put together a sprinkling of fail safe gifts which will get you out of hot water and show just how much you care. From essential oil based natural body care which is free from synthetics to beautiful (and not bad priced ) jewellery sets and my own personal choice of flower delivery service. Keep reading and there’s a little giveaway treat at the end too!

Pia Jewellery 

Affordable and stylish , this 9ct rose gold-plated sterling silver ring, earrings and pendant with  faceted rose quartz is an alternative to gold and silver costume jewellery. Each piece comes beautifully presented and packaged making it positively perfect to give as a gift!

Oleo Bodycare

I’m a huge Oleo Bodycare fan. Hand blended without using harmful chemicals or synthetics. It uses pure essential oils so you have the added benefit of the power of each oil and they smell divine! The Hand and Body treat kit is top of my list.

Oleo body care is top on my list for a Mothers Day gift

Serenata Flowers

I’m a sucker for a bunch of flowers, I love how they brighten a room breathing life and colour. Always a welcome sight in my calm, grey decor. And when I want to share some floral love with someone who lives away, I nearly always use Serenata Flowers. The text message updates for leaving the warehouse and once they’ve been delivered is really reassuring that they’re A; going to make it on time and B; they’ve reached their destination.

Oleo body care is top on my list for a Mothers Day gift

And as a little treat to you for being such a kind, caring individual and putting some thought into showing mum they’re still your number one, why not try your luck in this giveaway? Pia Jewellery are offering one lucky winner a £50 voucher to spend on their website.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Open to UK residents over the ager of 18 only.

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Why A Jord Watch Is The Perfect Gift For A Teenager

I personally find men really hard to buy for; my go to list is usually made up of the usual run of the mill socks, boxers, smellies and whisky. There it;s out there, I’m completely rubbish and lack all manner of imagination when it comes to presents. Not great for a mum of 3 boys is it? So gift guides are my absolute god send at this time of year,as I scour the inter web and magazines for inspiration. But what do you get a man / boy for christmas? That’s my real puzzler.

We’re past Lego kits and computer games, he buys his own clothes and works and saves up for anything other frivilous things his heart so desires. I’m stumped.

Or at least I was stumped.

Then it struck me, my boy was taking more and more pride in his appearance. He’d gone form scruffy skater boy hiding under his hood all the time to a smart, image conscious, quality loving young man. So what does a mum get her son who’s wanting to impress his friends and other girls.  A super cool watch from the  Frankie  mens range at Jord.

I think this Jord wood watch will be the perfect present for my teenage son
A watch, which by pure coincidence is also his nick name!

Simply put, these are  hand crafted Watches Made From Wood coming in a variety of styles and colours. I’ve chosen  Vibrant emerald green and intensely hued sandalwood, from the more minimal range ( I’ve had my eye on the more delicate Cora range of womens watches for some time, although the Frankie range can suit a man or woman due to it’s minimalist style, I just found the size a little too big for my wrist so something smaller would be better for me.)

I think this Jord wood watch will be the perfect present for my teenage son
And what I know my teenager will love more than anything is that a Jord watch is exclusive in it’s design, that you can tell straight away what make it is and that he’ll be a trend setter amongst his peers. It’s a step away from the more mature leather straps and yet more modern than any metal chained watches on the market. No, the Jord style is simply perfect for an older teenager wanting to stamp his style within a generation where by you can’t have the same as your friends but you share the similar taste. This is the individualistic style which many teens yearn for.

Presented in a solid wooden box, oozing quality and class, there’s no mistaking you’ve got something special.

So that’s settled then, I’m pretty dead set that this is going to be the perfect gift for an older teenager 

(and if you’re looking too, here’s a discount code for $25 off any watch (world wide shipping is free so if you’re not US based, there’s no added delivery to worry about) If you’re local to me I also have some $50 discount cards to hand out)

I think that this Jord wood watch will be the perfect gift for a teenager

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A gift guide for a hipster dad

If you’ve got a deserving, trendy dad or partner  (if your children are too young to go out and buy their own gifts. )then here’s some ideas on how to say your thanks and show your love this fathers day.  This gift guide is especially for all those hipster or wannabe hipster dads out there.

This easy-going, laid back look can be brought bang up to date with a summer vibe by swapping skinnies for cargos, giving that perfectly coiffed hairdo a rest under a Trilby and popping on a cool, surf print shirt. Beards can be protected from the harsh daytime sun with a specially formulated oil, all that hard work needs tender loving care.

Any new bands discovered while listening to Radio 6 can be logged in the Star Wars journal and on the go healing as they’re nonchalantly stride along, going about their day with a magnetic healing bracelet to show their acceptance in alternative therapy. (If anything it gives a talking point for anyone wanting to know what it does and a pain relief for all those sleeve tattoos. )


A gift guide for a hipster, perfect ideas for a young at heart trendy dad

Trilby house of fraser

Surf print shirt – Joe Browns

Cargo Shorts – House of Fraser

Star Wars note book House of Fraser

Trion Z bracelet – Function 18

Beard oil –not on the high street

A gift guide for a hipster, perfect ideas for a young at heart trendy dad

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