I’ve only gone and done it….I’ve got my feet out, funny what a little sunshine gets you braving!  It’s always a pinnacle moment of the year, the one where I pack away my trusty boots for the season and bring out the sandals. Being a Devon living, seaside gal it’s pretty much flip-flops all the way for the next few months bar a few plimsols wearing days, only this year I’m going a little different with something a little more supportive.

I’ve got quite an over pronation and while those trusty flip-flops may be super comfy but I fear I may have done a little damage over the years, so this spring and summer I’m hoping to correct my step by wearing some podiatrist designed footbed sandals from Vionic Shoes .

The great thing about the Jura sandals which I’m stepping out in (see what I did there!) is I’ll be working on walking with the correct alignment and that over pronation I’ve developed will be no more. <crosses fingers > I’m also hoping the foot pain I experience when out on long walks will stop. (They’re also great for helping with Plantar Fasciitus which is explained in more detail over on the website

But aside from all the sciencey stuff going on, they look really good! I’ve opted for an on-going animal print theme which I know have a growing collection of footwear in, with the hope they’ll go with anything and everything. They can be dressed up or casual-ed down and break up an all black outfit and add a sassy edge to denims and whites.

I’ve got quite narrow feet so having an adjustable strap means I can adjust them to fit perfectly and as leather tends to give a little over time, I can tighten them so they’ll always fit. This is a must-have on my summer sandals tick list as I didn’t fancy a pair which I ended up having to toe-grab them into place each time I walked, in an effort to keep them on my feet. The double strap should put an end to any of that annoying business.

And best of all, now I have some fabulous shoes, I can start some serious summer shopping for my holiday wardrobe and book myself in for a must have summer pedicure.


I was gifted a pair of Vionic Jura sandals for my honest opinion. All words and photos are my own unless otherwise stated 




Exciting times bling lovers!  Jewellery rental subscription has arrived in the UK, as GLITZBOX launches, I’ve tested out this brand new service and am sitting here in a stunning pair of silver earrings and beautiful gold necklace as I type.

And it feels good!

I’m quite a creature of habit when it comes to jewellery, wearing the same earrings and necklace until they break or more often than not, I loose it. So I love the idea of being sent a different set each month to try, this way I get to see what looks good, to step out of my comfort zone and more importantly wear pieces which, if I’m totally honest, I would probably leave in a box for ‘best.’

But the great thing with only having them temporarily, (unless you decide to buy and not return, is that saving for best idea goes out of the window. So for the next month I will be sporting a while new me when it comes to jewels!

glitzbox is the UK's first subscription based jewellery service and I'm loving having the chance to trail some new pieces.

If you wondering how it works, read on;

GLITZBOXis a jewellery subscription service, with a monthly fee

Members receive a curated set of designer jewellery to wear on loan

They have the option to buy or return

They receive different pieces the following month

glitzbox is the UK's first subscription based jewellery service and I'm loving having the chance to trail some new pieces.

It was quite exciting getting my first box through the post this week, wondering what would be inside. I’d filled in an online questionnaire which helped determine what style of jewellery I preferred, so I had an inkling I’d like what was inside.

Just being able to step away from the diamond studs and silver necklace for the next few weeks wearing a few pieces (with a combined value of £300 which trumps my cheapies!) you don’t half feel the bees knees.

And despite being quite nonchalant about being swayed by bling, it seems I’ve completely fallen for the gold necklace, so am saving the pennies in the hope I can keep it. The £30 credit you get with your box should help sway it and anyway, I’ll be 41 1/2 next month.

A little bi yearly birthday treat to myself, me thinks!

So would you?

glitzbox is the UK's first subscription based jewellery service and I'm loving having the chance to trail some new pieces.

***   If you would like to trail GLITZBOX too, I have a few unique discount codes to share, please email Ali@muminanutshel.com ***


Who doesn’t love a bit of bling? Even a delicate pair of studs can lift an outfit and make you feel a little teeny bit special. I personally never leave the house without my earrings, especially now my fingers are looking a little bare!

But for me, a piece of jewelery needs to have a story. Be it from the person who gave it to you or the designer who created it which leads me seamlessly into an introduction into JewelStreet,  home to over 500 independent jewellery designers each with an amazing story to tell which results in unique jewellery which is crafted with passion, patience and attention to detail. So while I have a few pieces of sentiment, I can now treat myself to something which fits the other bill.

A word of warning, if you’re even slightly indecisive, put aside a good hour or so before heading over to browse. I’ve got so much on my want and needs list now, and being able to really get to know the designers behind each piece makes that back story I crave so much easier and appealing. Unfortunately, it now appears I have more expensive tastes than I realised #goals.

So to tempt my wandering eye away from the stunning diamond rings and pendant necklaces (knowing there’s a few one off’s in those collections doesn’t help either!) I’m toning a down with a more practical look at British brand Anchor & Crew; the perfect nod towards a coastal living lady like yours truly.

They combine Great British naval heritage with contemporary styles with inspiration from anchors and nautical objects. Anchor & Crew are handmade, exclusive durable designs which not only look good, they’ll last!  Created using GB-Marine certified rope, natural leather and precious and semi-precious metals into jewellery suitable for both men and women. I’ve picked out a couple of pieces to show you exactly what they’re all about…

I love this contemporary and unisex jewellery from Jewel Street

Red Dash Admiral Silver and Rope Bracelet

The Red Dash Admiral silver and rope bracelet is a one size fits all and suitable for ladies or gents. As an everyday piece, looking great as a summer accessory, it’s perfect for anyone with a love of the sea or find memories of happy holidays on the coast.

………….Or maybe the more subtle Grey Dash Tyne Silver And Rope Bracelet is more your style.


This is a collaborative post 



This is a bit of an odd one to write from a lady (dare I call myself that? Answers on a postcard please, enemies need not apply ) I’m waving the mum of 3 boys card here to say I qualify as someone who could have an opinion on what would look good on a man. So if you’re wondering how to step seamlessly into spring then read on as I share some ideas on looking casual yet cool.

Go Spring Green!

Layering is still vey much the key, Spring can catch you out quickly switching from warm sunny mornings to chilly late afternoons or vice versa. So shirts, crew necks and a light jacket work well. Green is going to be big this year, think muddy, countryside greens and only in one item, head to toe and you’ll be stepping out like Kermet. If you’re tailoring then subtle blues and browns compliment it well. For a really fresh spring look, like the Pegasus moss stitch crew neck sweater from Chums   will work perfectly.

 Checks are big this year

Checks are also on the 2017 fashion radar, the classic Prince of Wales check print on a knit wear is probably one of the easiest ways to wear it although the more braver can opt for a check trouser in subtle grey aired with a plain crew neck jumper. And if you’re wearing a polo shirt under, according to esquire.com collars who’ll always be worn in unless you’re going for a John Belushi look.

Play it safe with Neutrals

And finally, neutrals are still going to be the more subtle theme for this year and are the perfect spring  tone to bring you out of a dark themed winter wardrobe. Where are previous years they were used to compliment brighter tones, this year it’s all about neutrals in varying shades. Think lighter browns, beiges greys and creams.

So no big shockers there, spring fashion is all about loosing the darker colours, stepping out of your comfort zone and being brave!

what's going to be hot for spring in mens fashion this year

This is a collaborative post 

Last week it was the toddler who graced these pages in the latest collection from River Island and now it’s the turn of Yours Truly. While my penchant for a funky little dude of a son edges me towards fun, fashionable and on trend, I’ve gone for something a little different for myself with a classy navy number which leaves just a little to the imagination but still follows the boob or legs rule of keeping on the right side of the fashion rules and some dream beige patent boots for my top picks from the current collection.

My top picks from the current collection at River Island this season is a classy navy wrap dress

I’ve got  growing collection of dresses for all occasions but nothing which is anything like the style of this little ditty.  The cross from neck line of this wrap dress isn’t too revealing and very flattering. But what really caught my eye when browsing was the thigh high split with an attached mid skirt. Plus the mid length sleeves makes it a little warmer than a strappy number. I’m a total wuss and feel the cold.

My top picks from the current collection at River Island this season is this classy navy wrap dress

Next on my wants and needs list were some day-to-night boots which wouldn’t leave me unsteady on my feet. I have a good supply of knee-high boots but nothing which would look good with skinny jeans or faux leather leggings on both a shopping trip into town or evening down the pub.

These nude patent, mirror heeled Chelsea boots tick all the boxes and liven up my go-to all black combination outfits. The pièce de résistance however is  I can stumble home at midnight without so much as a twisted ankle, Happy days!

My top picks from the current collection at River Island this season are these nude Chelsea boots & classy navy wrap dress

They’re surprisingly super comfy too, and as a busy mum of a toddler , I can still maintain a little dip in the style stakes while chasing the lively one around!

My top picks from the current collection at River Island this season are these nude Chelsea boots & classy navy wrap dress


This is a collaborative post with River Island. All words and photos are my own unless otherwise stated.