An Update On My Adult Ceramic Braces

I’m 9 months in to my teeth straightening treatment and have had quite a few messages and people asking me how it’s going so I thought it was time for another update (If you missed the last ones they’re here Only Gone & Got Braces Fitted! and Getting My Teeth Straightened)

First off …the transformation has been amazing, I can’t believe how quickly they started moving. I’m just about getting use to the bottom set which went on 6 weeks ago, they’re very different to wearing a top set  as food tends to hide in every crevice. I’ve just retrived 2 strands of cress from my lunch time sandwich, not great if you’re talking to someone and haven’t done a pre-greenery check before hand. I rely heavily on the honesty of friends and family to warn me!  If you’re wondering how I clean them then check out Liza Prideaux’s video on cleaning your braces, I pretty much have the same routine.

I’m not having a whinge, It’s been worth it and not once have I regretted getting my teeth straightened.  Things which are totally off the menu for now are curry and anything else with turmeric in, the yellow is like a magnet to the small bands around each bracket. I also avoid red wine, strong coffee and tomato soup.

Chewy foods are a no no too, sweets, toffees, pizza crusts and anything else which you have to chew. I also struggle to bite into anything too hard or chewy as my bite is out, at the moment there’s quite a gap between my top and bottom teeth so I have to bite food using my side teeth.

The bottom braces are helping to align everything and I’m on night time elastics which look like small loom bands, to pull the canines back and free up some space on my fronts so they’re not protruding too much. I’ve had a little stripping (filing) done too to level out the gaps between my front teeth as I had little black triangles appearing which looked like I had food hiding there!

I’m longing for a glass of red and prawn curry washed down with some apple strudel, but as the saying goes; good things come to those who wait and man it will taste so good!

The last 6 weeks have not gone without any hiccups ups though, I managed to loose couple of the bands on the lower set and needed a emergency dental appointment to get new ones fitted as the wire came away completely. I’ve also had quite a few ulcers mainly where the brackets are fitted on the back teeth which have been pressing on the inside of my cheeks while I slept. Nothing a few blobs of wax haven’t eased.

If you’re thinking of getting adult braces fitted and Devon / Dorset based I can thoroughly recommend The Exeter Dental Centre where I’m receiving my treatment. 


Win A Bamboo Towel Bundle From The Towel Shop

My little sister and I were having one of our typical mammoth chats last week during which I confessed to  never having bought a towel. EVER. Crazy if you think of the fact that I left home 20 years!  It’s not that I’m living life towel free or  I’ve been a conscious towel buying avoider or my current collection is looking old and knackered. Far from it. It’s simply been a case of having a perpetual towel buying mum who’s passed hers on to me and my siblings. The end result of said conversation was that along with my brother and sister, we’ve never had to buy a towel once!

So that was it, I was on a mission, time to be all adult and do some towel shopping research !

But where to start?

When you’ve never had to even blink in the direction of what to look for I was starting from scratch. First to replace our hand me downs, was a bundle of bamboo towels.

It turns out that a  Bamboo towel is three times more absorbent than Cotton ones making post bath times with a lively toddler a little easier, plus the perfect material to make towels from. Being super soft, I’ve not noticed anything different from my current cotton ones so it does seem to the way to go, and if you’d like to join me and see for yourself then read on….

Ever wondered what the difference is between and bamboo and a cotton towel? Here's your chance to find out in this easy giveaway
The The Towel Shop are offering one lucky reader the chance to win a bundle of bamboo towels consisting of a bath sheet, a bath towel, a hand towel and a face cloth in a colour of your choice simply by entering the giveaway below.

It’s open to UK residents over the age of 18 and there is no cash alternative and winners details will be passed onto The Towel Shop who are providing the prize.

Enter Competition



Little Things Which Make your home energy efficient

Ever get that urge to reassess how energy efficient my house is? I’ve had a rejig of finances lately and it was the perfect time to look at how my house was doing, it’s so easy to become complacent and let things just tick by. A quick calculation and I realised it’s been 12 years since I looked at way to cut costs which was all kick started by a chance encounter with a social media post about solar panels.

I’ve done the whole cavity wall thing, helped by a grant, as was the boiler. But 12 years is along time and my once efficient boiler is now verging on the ready to be replaced corner. (Check out the  boiler grants website for more info) and I’ve switched to a water meter recently which halved my bill and has made the whole family think about how much water we’re using. Baths have been swapped for showers and the garden is watered from the rain gathered in the water butt. Simple things which I always intended to do but never really had the incentive until we switched.

That’s not all though, little things, such as only filling up the kettle to boil what’s needed, turning the TV off when no one’s actually watching it and fitting lined curtains and new roof window blackout blinds have helped keep the warm in, has a good choice a beautiful range of roof blinds and I upgraded to some thermal curtains from Dunelm Mill. In the colder months I close all curtains and blinds at dusk to help stop heat escaping from the windows.

I’d love to take it a step further with getting those solar panels I read about, maybe one day, I’ve been toying with the idea for years. But for now it’s the combination of all these little things which lead to making my home more energy efficient.

making your home energy efficient



Super Styling Your Freelancer / Blogger Life

I’ve been a blogger and freelancer for a few years now and since graduating from the Digital Mum’s Social Media training recently I’ve decided to up my game and kick my jumbled, chaotic way of working into touch. It’s time to get organised and I thought I’d share some of my plans with you should you feel the need to join me.

This isn’t a new idea mind, it’s been on my must do list for some months now and a regular feature in my Goal For The Week check list. The lack of ticks a telling sign that it’s yet to be completed.


Historically I’ve always been good at making a list and checking things off, even my lists had lists. But ‘winging it’ closely followed by ‘flying by the seat of my pants’  has been more of a life motto.

So what’s the plan?

I've been colour streamlining my blogger and freelancer accessories with some mint and gold products from the new Kate Spade range

Get yourself a fancy notebook, asap. And make it large one.

First off, as the title suggests you need a note-book. Everyone has a planner, my Pirongs  one is awesome. But I also need a place to mind-map, store my ideas and plans for world domination. I also like pretty things. And gold. Gold’s good. I have a rather fancy Kate Spade one which is pretty AND has the trademark Kate Spade spots along with an inspiring quote so make me smile. It’s also spot on for someone going through a major life change and needs a little reminder not to take life so seriously every now and then.

I've been colour streamlining my blogger and freelancer accessories with some mint and gold products from the new Kate Spade range
I’ve found mine on the luxury living website Rooi . It takes pride of place on my Welsh dresser and my handbag for when I’m out and about. One thing I find as a freelancer is that every second counts. When you have deadlines to meet and especially trying to work around family, if I can grab 20 minutes being productive when having a coffee in town then its happy days. And when an idea pops into my busy little head, I can write it down pronto.

You never know when that moment of inspiration is going to hit. I’ve lost many a good idea by not having the means to cement it in a note-book.


Add The Little Freelancer Extras

A nice pen helps too, along with a matching travel cup. Total colour streamlining going on right now in mint and gold. Even my camera bag, which doubles as my handbag is in there, rocking the mint theme. Which also happens to be the name of my new social media business. <I’ve just clocked into to the fact that the word mint is a dominant feature in my life right now. Crikey, how did I miss that one?>

In blogger mode I often have to take my DSLR camera out and about. I invested in a lush Jo Totes bag which is large enough for my notebook, iPad and all the other essentials which I need when out and about. It’ absolutely no coincidence the style shares my name, none what so ever. Honest. (Love that it’s called Allison!)

I've been colour streamlining my blogger and freelancer accessories with some mint and gold products from the new Kate Spade range
Right, lets recap. Choose a colour you like, by some really nice stationary and bags in it and you’ve pretty much super styled your freelancer / blogger tool kit.


This is a collaborative post 




Reviewing The Sleep Tight All Night Bear

Sleep, babies, toddlers, blah, blah, blah. They have got to be one of the most talked about subjects on every parent’s lips at some point in their kid’s lives and I totally put my hands up, I have quite an unconventional approach to sleep. 3 babies in and I ripped up the rule book and stopped fretting about what everyone else did with my last baby and followed my son’s lead.

We co slept for 2 years as that was the only way he settled and even now he wanders into my bed most nights or mornings.  He’s a happy, sociable child and I’ve never had the sleep deprivation that I experienced with my older kids. So why am I reviewing a sleep aid device, if I don’t think my son has a sleep problem you’re probably thinking?

Well, as much as I have no problem with early morning or night-time snuggles. As a work from home mum, who’s most productive part of the day tends to be the evening. I could REALLY do with cutting down our bed time routine. In the past I can spend over an hour settling, reading and sitting with my boy waiting for him to nod off for the night. He’s such a busy little thing at the best of times and seems to pull every last snippet of energy out the bag just before he heads off to dream land.

Which is why I’m testing the Sleep Tight All Night, I was curious to see if it helped cut down bed times.

Looking light a normal teddy, it’s a cuddleable sleep aid which helps teach your child when to sleep and when to get up by using different coloured lights and sounds to differentiate day and night. There’s a selection of  soothing white noise and nature noises for night and cute phrases for day.

We started off by keeping the Sleep Tight All Night  bear downstairs in daytime mode for few days while my son got use to it, then we moved onto to introducing it to our bedtime routine. Each night, after the usual round of stories, I remind my boy to get his sleep teddy, he pull’s out the unit which sits under a velcro’s patch of material at the bottom, set the timer, then go through which noise he wanted.

reviewing the sleep tight all night bear to helpmeet toddler settle more quickly at bed time and improve our bedtime routine

After a few days or so, he’d always opt for the heart beat sound but only after he’d been through every other one. I really started to notice a difference to how quickly he settled after a week. There’s was much less resistance and tossing and turning as he went through the same routine ending with selecting his noise, putting the monitor back in the teddy and telling me the light is red so time for bed. Then laying down quietly, drifting off in half the time he’d done previously.

reviewing the sleep tight all night bear to helpmeet toddler settle more quickly at bed time and improve our bedtime routine

I’ve not seen any change to keeping him in his bed all night yet, but if I’m honest, I’ve not really enforced this as I don’t have a problem which him coming in to sleep with me as he drifts straight back off. So I can’t comment on how effective it is in that respect, that said, I will be trying it out when he’s a little older and able to understand that he needs to stay in his bed and go back to sleep.

In a nutshell, the Sleep Tight All Night teddy has cut down bed time by helping my toddler settle and wind down to relax off to sleep. It’s given my son some independence and control over his bed time routine and is now a permanent feature on his pillow, I’m hoping it helps maintain some normality when going on holiday too!


We were sent this product for the purpose of this review, the Sleep Tight All Night is available to buy  from Golden Bear Toys